Two Weeks Later….

So, September the 8th came and went, and quite obviously we’re still here! The feasts of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and now Sukkot, are happening just as they have done for thousands of years, and, as yet, they’re quite uneventful in terms of the big end times things I discussed in previous posts. Is my faith shipwrecked? No, absolutely not. I always said to people that if it didn’t happen on September the 8th, that it wouldn’t shake my confidence in the certainty that this event will happen; it just means we had to go back and have another look at our calculations. Incredibly, the very same evening – September 8th 2021 – my family and I came across some teaching from several Bible teachers to help with exactly that.

God wants us to know His plans, and He is ready and waiting to reveal knowledge and things long-hidden from previous generations, tucked away within the Scriptures, to those for whom it is relevant.

Previous generations simply didn’t need to know; they just had to be watching for Israel’s regathering. But even more importantly, God reveals His plans in each generation to those who want to know them, and who actively enquire of Him to know these things. Below is something my mother wrote based on the teachings we found that night. She is a real watcher, always enquiring and searching out the secret things, and I hope you are blessed by reading her article.

Hello friends,

On the very night we thought the Rapture might happen, we came across this wonderful old teaching, made 16 years ago by a Bible teacher called Mark Biltz. Maybe you are already familiar with him – but he was new to us. It is quite possibly the best teaching on the subject of the prophetic nature of the 7 feasts of Israel that we have ever come across. It is exactly what we needed to hear these past couple of weeks (excuse the very dated live presentation from 2005!): W8TY

The above link to his teaching is found in a document that is linked at the bottom of this article. This document explains that the true date for celebrating the feast of Trumpets this year (2021) is actually 7th/8th of October. Though Jewish people the world over are celebrating the Autumn feasts now, it is not yet the month of Tishri by the ancient calendar as set out in the Bible. This anomaly has occurred because the Torah Calendar is a medieval Jewish dating system, which uses a man-made cycle of leap and non leap years. This non-biblical system of calculations often results in the Torah calendar being a whole month out of sync with God’s prophetic clock, all year long, in order to keep in sync with the purely solar calendar of the Gregorian system.  

“…the true date for Tishri and the Feast of Trumpets this year is actually the 7th/8th October…”

Whilst this makes little or no difference to how Jewish people everywhere celebrate their festivals today, it results in them sometimes not keeping any of their feasts actually on or at the Lord’s appointed times for that year, according to how He set out for them to be calculated in Leviticus – and from the Lord’s perspective this is very significant.
The Jewish historian Josephus records that the Jews of Jesus day celebrated Passover 10 days after the sighting of the first new moon that could be viewed by two witnesses after the Spring equinox, and when the barley harvest was ripe and the sun had risen in the constellation of Aries (the Ram – significant for Passover).  This fool-proof and detailed method was how they were to determine the arrival of Nissan and declare the start of the first day of the New Year.

However, not long after 28 AD, the priests stopped using this method of calculation for declaring the start of the new year and, it is recorded that on several occasions, on Yom Kippur, the High Priest dropped dead in the Holy of Holies and had to be pulled out by a rope attached to his ankle. This was because he had entered the holiest place on earth a whole month either too early or too late.  
After 70 AD and the destruction of the Temple, this ceased to be a pressing issue, and by the 12th century Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon devised the Torah Calendar (mentioned above) to ensure that Jews throughout the Diaspora all celebrated their feasts on the same days, as this seemed to him to be the most important matter, over and above the Biblical instructions.

This year, 2021, the Torah Calendar once again stated that the start of Nissan was to be on the first new moon before the Spring Equinox rather than the new moon immediately afterwards.  So, because the start of the first month was wrong, then the start of the 7th month Tishri (and indeed every month) will also be wrong again this year. So Tishri has still not yet started by God’s calendar – it will start when the sun rises to join the moon in the constellation of the Virgin (fitting for the celebration of the Bride departing to be with her Bridegroom) which will occur on October 7th-9th, on the first new moon after the Autumn Equinox – which has just occurred yesterday, on 22nd September. Remember that the stars, sun and moon were ordained in Genesis to be “for signs and seasons” (not spring/summer/autumn/winter, but rather the mo’ed, or appointed times on God’s prophetic calendar), “and for days and years” (Genesis 1:14), and it’s absolutely not wrong to look at constellations and astronomy in this way; it has nothing to do with astrology or the new age.

It may be that though this topic is interesting to some, it seems unimportant to you today. However, I believe that if you take the time to watch and take note of Mark Biltz’s teaching in the above link you will think otherwise. Check what he says against the Bible, because that’s the only standard by which we ought to measure any teaching. Our time is very short. If, as we believe, the day and time of the rapture of the church was always meant to be known, and not hidden by the misunderstood doctrine of imminency, then what you hear will get you looking to the skies and getting yourself ready for the bridegroom. What have you got to lose? It is not sinful to be watching and getting ready and preparing ourselves and our loved ones for the biggest event of their lifetimes – whether they are saved or unsaved.  

In Revelation Jesus Himself is talking prophetically to us who are alive today – take a close look at what He is really saying about the rapture:

“But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.”

Revelation 3:3

If we therefore wake up, we will know the time of His coming to us! 

That was what my mother wrote back in September. Now, whether or not the Rapture happens on the 8th October 2021 is, in a sense, entirely besides the point. We have a clear understanding of the season of the return of the Lord for His church, and that very much seems to be the autumn feasts as God determined that they were to be celebrated and appointed, regardless of whether the modern dating system and calendar matches up. However, we do have to remember the other event that is signified by the idiom of “not knowing the day or the hour” – that of the Jewish wedding. The bride expected anywhere from a year to two years to pass, but she literally didn’t know the day or the hour of her bridegroom’s coming, and there is a big part of me that feels that we will be the same way; we’ve been given clues and pictures and foreshadowings to help us recognise the season in each year when our Heavenly Bridegroom might return, but we have not been given a date or a time, and I think there’s a reason for that. We are asked to trust and watch and wait; to prepare and not to sleep spiritually and not care, or simply ignore it all. But obsessing over a specific date isn’t going to do us any good, and unless we are shown something new and very clear, I think wisdom says that we should go on living and waiting and expecting not to know the day or the hour. It doesn’t negate the truth and certainty of the Scriptures – it simply takes Jesus’ words at face value and trusts. Below are some links to help you realise how trustworthy the Bible is, and which will help you know what to expect when the Rapture and Tribulation do begin – whenever that is.

Jonathan Cahn presents the case for the exact Birthday of Jesus – this is compelling (despite being on the Jim Baker show) and sets the stage for knowing when Jeus died and when He will therefore return.

JC Lovic presents a case for the immenant return of Jesus this year by taking a closer look at the book of Daniel.  Not your usual ‘stoping of the clock’ teaching of 69 and 70 weeks.

JC Lovic explains that knowing The Day Jesus Died (parts 1 and 2) is essential to understanding Biblical end times prophecy:

Part 1:

Part 2:

JC Lovick looks at prophecy of the end times from the very first word in the Bible.

This is the youtube channel of Robert Breaker who we started watching about a year ago.  He gives very clear biblical teaching and he is not afraid to chart the times we are living in from a Dispensational perspective and to look forwards to the imminent Rapture:

This is the Google document we mention above, with links within it to much good teaching (up to page 33) Note that the imbedded film at the start has been strangely titled ‘Rapture’ but has nothing to do with the rapture and is actually about evangelism.

Part of understanding how relevant all this is to you, is knowing what’s really going on in the world around us. Nothing is a co-incidence, and since the beginning of the twentieth century, the globalists and those seeking to bring in a New World Order have been increasingly in control of the media to hide these things from the ordinary person. This is not a conspiracy theory. For news on the stories that really matter, which make it very clear to us that the end is very near, you need to look beyond the Mainstream Media, which is all owned and puppeteered by an unelected elite.

This link below is a website created by Patrick Wood, an economist by education, a financial analyst and writer by profession. He is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton, and he covers some of the stories that the mainstream media don’t want you to know about or understand. He is also a Christian and his testimony is also on the website.

And finally, here is a site about the climate change and other environmental stories from around the world – the other side of the climate change story, minus the agenda of the mainstream media, and one that needs to be taken seriously for proper understanding of what’s going on. It is another Christian website, and shows how close we are to the end, including the gospel and personal testimonies.


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