This is here to give you a list of websites you can visit, books you can buy, or videos you can watch to help you understand more about my beliefs and the evidence for them in history, science, fulfilled prophecy, and personal experience and testimony. They are listed in no particular order; browse them as you feel led.

  • Got Questions? – this is website full of Christian answers too many of the biggest questions we have in our societies today, for people of all religions and none. Search the questions with the search bar function or browse the collections of FAQs and articles.

  • I found Shalom – this is a website full of the incredible true life stories of many Jewish people from all backgrounds and traditions and how they have found true Shalom in their souls and a rich relationship with God through the Messiah. Here are some more powerful video testimonies, specifically Israeli, from both Jewish and Arab Israelis, of the true and lasting peace they found in Messiah: One for Israel

  • Are you a Muslim or from a Muslim background? – If so, this website has a wealth of articles and answers specifically engaging with Islamic issues and explaining the Christian faith in a way that relates to a Muslim perspective. Available in 24 languages.

  • Prophecy Today – this is a website of current events and prophecy articles, for which my pastor, Tony Pearce, has written column for many years. News includes, UK, International, Israel-specific, Technology, and much more.

  • Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry – this is a website with literally 1,000s of answers and articles to the most relevant and interesting issues debated in the world today, from a Christian perspective. Browse using the search function and the expandable menu on the left hand side of the page.

  • Blue Letter Bible – an excellent Bible study resource with introductory articles and videos about the Bible, notes, commentaries, charts, maps, guides and reading plans, insights from the original Hebrew and Greek and much more besides.

  • Light for the Last Days – current events and prophecy. This is the website of a magazine that my pastor, Tony Pearce, has been publishing for many years now, and he writes clearly and simply on what he sees going on in the world around us and the significance of that within the framework of biblical prophecy. You will also find audio and video presentations on this website. If you want to see how I and many other believers have been viewing the events of recent months and years, have a read – you will see that God is still in control.

  • Behold Israel – this is the website of a non-profit organisation that seeks to show people the real land and nation of Israel, rather than the demonised version that you see on mainstream media. Here you can find news, Israeli innovations in science, medicine, technology, and politics, and also find articles and video messages highlighting Israel as the single most important sign that prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.

  • Ruth’s Road – a beautiful, personal journal-type website and books written by a Jewish-Gentile couple John and Christie Eisner about their journey from unbelief to discovering faith in Jesus as Messiah, and how that impacted them in incredible ways, fulfilling both their backgrounds and drawing them into a deep and powerful understanding of God’s redemptive plan for Jew and Gentile together, as laid out in the Jewish Feasts. Get the books on Amazon whilst you still can. They are written in a simple, personal style and will fill you with joy as your faith is enriched by its Jewish roots.

  • The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel – this is an excellent little book available for download at the link in the title. Explore how God revealed His plan for the Messiah and the age to come in the feasts of the Jewish faith.

  • Jews for Jesus and Chosen People – these two websites are also full of testimonies and answers from a Jewish perspective; the live chat features may not work for a while, as all the believers have been taken, but I have peace that there will soon be many more who come to faith and take over running these ministries in the next few weeks and months.

  • Jewish Jewels – the website of a messianic Jewish ministry and TV programme from the US, which seeks to teach about the incredible connections between the traditions and faith of the Jewish people, and their fulfilment in Messiah Jesus.

  • Birgitta Veksler – this is the music of my favourite Messianic Israeli artist. Here’s a short biog from her website: Birgitta Johanna Veksler was born in Sweden and raised in Estonia. Being Jewish, she moved to Israel with her family at the age of twelve, right during the second ‘Intifada’. By the age of seventeen, she participated in the Israeli TV show ‘Kochav Nolad’, the Israeli version of the vocalist talent show ‘Idol’, where she finished eighth. As a part of the compulsory army service in Israel, she served in the IDF for two years as a lead singer in the army band. By the end of her service, she was bitten by a poisonous snake, an accident that almost cost Birgitta her life and put her in a coma for two days. Birgitta’s brush with death brought her into a more intimate relationship with God, finding a deeper meaning to her life and her singing.

  • Kehila News blog – this is an Israeli Messianic news and teaching website where you can find out what is going on in the Middle East from a real Middle Eastern perspective, and how it ties in with biblical prophecy. Articles on Jewish traditions, Torah teachings, real-time archaeological discoveries that back up the biblical accounts of ancient Israel, and much more!

  • The Book of Mysteries – this is a beautifully simple, 365-day devotional of insights from the Scriptures, both Hebrew and Greek, from ancient traditions and from the teachings of Jesus the Messiah – all designed to show you how loved and precious you are to God, and how much He is longing for a close and personal relationship with you. It blessed me far beyond what I could have imagined during 2020 and 2021, and I would have loved to have been able to give you all a copy. Please get one while you still can! Link takes you to Amazon (unaffiliated).

  • First5 – this is an app-based daily devotional Bible study tool, which I have been using it since 2017. It has really opened my eyes to so much more in the Bible than I had seen before, with really practical applications to my daily journey of faith, and a wonderfully supportive online community. The idea is that you can give your first 5 minutes of the day to God and allow Him to speak into your day through His word. There are both themed studies, and plans studying though a single book at a time, and there is always a live study that is going on, as well as the archive of past studies which you can do in your own time. This is an offshoot of Proverbs31 Ministries, a women’s ministry, but everyone can join and be blessed!

  • Institute for Creation Research – this is a fabulous website for those who are looking to find out whether science and the Bible can be compatible (spoiler, yes they can!!), and there are articles on all the latest research which points to not only intelligent design, but to compelling evidence for the accounts of creation and the flood as detailed in Genesis, showing how the Bible is deeply and incredibly relevant to all areas of the world around us. These articles are written by highly qualified scientists and researchers, and here, at, there is a list of many of the scientists throughout history and right up to the present day who believe in God and whose faith is backed up by their scientific research.

  • The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis – this is a book designed to show that Genesis isn’t myth, but is in fact, a truly historical document, entirely trustworthy and fascinating in its detailed record. The author, Dr Bill Cooper, is a respected historian and has spent much of his life researching the early history of mankind. In this fascinating book, he piles fact upon fact and argument upon argument confirming that the Bible does, indeed, record the true history of mankind. I believe this is vital to how you understand the Bible, because Jesus spoke of Genesis as literal history, and if you dismiss it, you cannot trust anything else in Christianity either. Another fascinating book, though much smaller, is After the Flood, which traces the history of Europe right back to the Flood of Genesis 6.

  • Technocracy – this is a website of news and emerging global trends in all area that you won’t have heard about in the mainstream media. These articles show how our modern societies and our minds are being manipulated and controlled via the technology that has been being developed for decades and is being used by the wrong people in positions of global power and influence. This is not conspiracy theory; it is all documented and provable fact. On this website are articles on wide-ranging topics such as education, climate change, global banking and finance, medicine and science, COVID, energy, the green economy, global religion, Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/the 4th Industrial Revolution, ‘The Internet of Things’, transhumanism, the Total Surveillance Society, Universal Basic Income, and much more. Please read widely and with an open mind, as society is about to change beyond recognition and you need to be prepared.

Biographies/Christian Testimonies (a very select list!)

  • The Hiding Place – this is the deeply moving true story of the ten Boom family in Haarlem during WWII. Motivated by a strong and vibrant faith in the God of the Bible, Corrie and her sisters and father hid Jewish people in their home and were active in the Dutch Resistance whilst suffering terribly in Nazi-occupied Holland and the prisons and extermination camps of that evil regime. This is a story that will inspire your faith and confidence in standing for God even when the world goes mad with evil around you. Buy a copy of the film and the book – highly recommended. Corrie also wrote many other books on faith and her own daily devotionals – look them up.

  • Joni Eareckson Tada – how would your faith respond to being paralysed in a diving accident and going from being and athletic teenager to a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair for life? This is the story of a young girl who experienced exactly that, and how she coped with the huge questions and challenges that she was confronted with in her relationship with God. Read her own story in her autobiography, The God I Love, and watch the film of her life which she starred in, Joni – released in 1980.

  • Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – A Righteous Gentile vs. The Third Reich – this is an incredible, award-winning biography of one of the most incredible men I have ever read about. Pastor Bonhoeffer was not only a incredible theological mind, focused on what it really means to be the church and how to walk out obedience to God’s Word in all areas, but he also lived out everything he taught in the way he strove to lead the German church to stand by God’s Word and God’s people the Jews in the face of the horrific rise and reign of the Nazi Third Reich. He eventually became involved in the high-level resistance amongst German generals and leading figures in the efforts to assassinate Hitler, which led to his imprisonment and execution on a whim of Hitler’s rage as he realised he was badly losing the war. In my opinion, his life and writings are essential reading for anyone going into the next seven years before the Lord’s return. Get it now, on Eric’s website or on Amazon.

Look also for biographies of George Muller, Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Brother Andrew, The Heavenly Man, Eric Liddell, Amy Carmichael, Mary Slessor, and many more.