Home – The Blessing of the Bridegroom

Day 364 from the The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn

“How strange,” said the teacher. “We’re born into this world. We’ve never been anywhere else. And yet, we never feel at home here. It’s the only place we’ve ever known, and yet still, we’re never quite at home within it. We’re never at home with its pain and sorrows, with its growing old and dying, with its losses, its deaths, its imperfections, its darkness, its evils…and where nothing lasts and everything passes away. Even in the best of times and circumstances, there’s always something missing. It can never fill our hearts. And the longer we’re in this world, the less at home we are within it.”

He paused to look up for a moment at the starlit sky above us.

“Where does the story of Passover begin?”

“In Egypt.”

“The Israelites grew up in Egypt. It was the only home they knew. And yet they were never at home within it. And what was salvation about? Leaving Egypt and going to the Promised Land. They had never been to the Promised Land…and yet it was their home. You see, salvation is about coming home. From the Jewish people returning to the land of Israel to the prodigal son returning to his father, salvation is about coming home. And that’s the mystery…that’s why we’re never at home in this world.”

“Why? Wy are we never at home in this world?”

“Because it’s not home,” he said. “Our hearts were not made to be at home in a world of sorrows and evil and dying and death…of seeing everything we know and love grow old and pass away. We are not at home because there is a home, and this world is not it. But salvation begins on Passover. And Passover is about coming home, coming home to God, and coming home to home.”

“So home is….”

“The place for which our hearts were made…that place of no more sorrows and dying and death…and no evil or imperfection…and where nothing grows old anymore or passes away…the eternal…the Promised Land…heaven.”

“A place we’ve never been to.”

“Yes,” said the teacher, “but when we get there…then for the first time in our lives…we’ll be at home.”

The Mission: You are not yet home. Live today in the light of that. Set your heart away from that which is not home, and towards that which is.

John 17:16; Psalm 46:4-5; Hebrews 13:14; John 14:1-3


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