New World Order – the Great Reset

No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory and I’m not a nutter. This is one of the most sinister developments of 2020/2021, but behind the scenes it goes way further back than 2020 and has been decades in the planning. I’m not going to be able to convince you just with this post, but the information is all out there and it’s not even hidden; you need to do your own research and choose what you do with that information. It’s not comfortable, but we have been seeing this leading the world towards the global antichrist system described in Revelation, and because you are going to be facing this in the coming years, I feel I need to warn you.

The ‘Great Reset’ is an initiative that has been proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF).   Klaus Schwab is the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos which annually brings together the heads of state of the world’s major countries to discuss world affairs. Davos in January 2021 was specifically about the Great Economic Reset. This article discusses the claims of a controversial video made by the World Economic Forum and posted in October 2020, claiming that by 2030 we will ‘own nothing, and be happy.’ There is no secret to any of this, and the world’s most powerful elites, unelected (by the general population), and mostly from sectors like banking, finance and business, as well as left-leaning politics, openly plan to hijack the covid-19 crisis to bring this global paradigm shift to pass. Interestingly, and by no coincidence as far as I’m concerned, the WEF, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others hosted a huge war-games style ‘pandemic preparedness’ exercise called Event 201 on 18th October 2019 in New York, the culmination of many such exercises over the past few years. They discussed how to handle a deadly virus outbreak, how to control populations, how to conduct successful propaganda campaigns to get people to take a vaccine, and how to control ‘misinformation’. This is all part of The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Operation Lockstep’, launched in 2010. See here and here for more information – download these articles before they are censored.

In June 2020, while most of the world was pre-occupied with the effects of the global lockdowns and chaos, the WEF hosted and announced their ‘Great Reset’ initiative, with support from leaders of industrialised nations and the UN and IMF.  This will involve a lethal mixture of elitist capitalism and radical Marxist socialism to reshape society.  In his book ‘The Fourth International Revolution’ Klaus Schwab writes that this will be ‘a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.’  

Schwab has activated his network of 10,000 ‘Global Shapers’ in 428 cities (known as global hubs) across 148 countries for the purpose of implementing this planned remedy.  The crisis caused by coronavirus and the fear of ‘catastrophic global warming’ are to be used as the catalyst for change as the world adopts the WEF slogan ‘Build Back Better.’  If you pay attention, you will find world leaders keep using this phrase to show they are onside with this process.  Boris Johnson said it in his speech at the G7 Conference, as has Joe Biden for the USA, and Ursula von der Leyen for the EU.

Five years ago, in 2016, Schwab gave an interview in which he promised that an implantable “global health pass” microchip would be unveiled within the next 10 years to track and control all of humanity. As part of his globalist “Great Reset” agenda, Schwab explained that eventually it will be a requirement for humans to be microchipped in order to buy and sell, just as Revelation 13:16 prophesies.  Answering an interview question about when this will be, Schwab responded, “Certainly in the next 10 years.  And at first we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin.”  You can (at the time of writing) watch him saying this at 

If he is correct in this, we are heading for a global social control matrix using advanced technology to monitor the population and ensure they comply with government demands. Failure to do so will result in being shut out of society. This is already happening in Communist China, unsurprisingly, and also in Australia, where people are being forced to comply with Big Brother technology to check on their whereabouts using geolocation and facial recognition, another feature even in the developing UK vaccine passport app-based system. This is a deeply worrying loss of autonomy and privacy, and will seamlessly lead into the 666 Mark of the Beast system in roughly 3.5 years’ time.

This all also fits in well with the population control narrative that globalists have been speaking quite plainly about for many years. Leading international figures such as David Attenborough and Prince Philip have expressed the view that human beings are the worst thing for the planet, and that population growth needs to be severely restricted for the sake of the environment. Prince Philip is famously quoted from 1988 as saying that in the event of reincarnation he would like to come back as a deadly virus to contribute something to the problem of ‘overpopulation.’ Bill Gates is quoted as saying in a Ted Talk that you can control human population with vaccines, and he said it with nonchalance, as if this was an entirely acceptable idea for reducing Co2 and saving the planet. This belief that somehow we are the plague on this planet has some seriously problematic ethical and moral overtones, and ties in with the globalist agenda of control and complete submission.

1984 will arrive a bit later than the date for George Orwell’s novel of the future, but the 666 system of Revelation 13 will come bang on time for the events of the last days prophecies of the Bible to be fulfilled. Make no mistake, this is exactly where all this is headed, and nothing that happens on the world stage, or even behind it, is a co-incidence. China’s Communist Party owns vast stakes in American corporations and the banking system, and it plans to pull most of its investments at some point in the near future, which will naturally precipitate or contribute to the global financial crisis that we have been on the way to for a very long time now. This is predicted to make the crash of 2008 look insignificant in comparison, and it is exactly what the Great Reset is looking for. The disappearance of billions of people will also cause a significant impact on the global economy and the resulting chaos and instability will be the exact situation they are looking for to implement their plans for a technocratic Marxist society.

Revelation 13 describes in detail the system whereby all peoples everywhere are forced to ‘worship’ or swear allegiance to the Antichrist dictator who takes the reins during the Tribulation, and that every person is required to receive a mark in order to buy and sell – in other words in order to participate in normal society. This was technological science fiction up until the last couple of decades or less, but now it is frighteningly possible and easy, and the world’s populations have been heavily conditioned into accepting a society like this ‘for the greater good’ by many events over the past few years; none more powerfully than the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccinated vs unvaccinated polarisation of society. People have been made to fear Covid so much that they will do practically anything the government demands and have got to the stage where self-policing is much more effective than direct mandates. Beware of this psychology and resist it. Do your research and think critically like a free human being who has dignity and a valid opinion, even if it goes against what the majority seem to believe or think. If the Rapture has proven anything, it has shown yet again that the Bible’s prophecy is reliable and true, and if that logic is followed through, this antichrist world system is literally around the corner and you need to be prepared to make your choice for or against it. This article and video by my Pastor, Tony Pearce, is very helpful in explaining Revelation 13 – have a read and download the material whilst it’s still available and uncensored.

The Bible is clear that those who accept the Mark of the Beast, whatever form that comes in, make the choice knowingly, rejecting God and truth, and choosing instead to follow the evil of the current world system, giving worship to the Antichrist, who is empowered by Satan himself. Therefore taking the Mark is an unredeemable decision, and those who do so will be condemned to eternity with the Antichrist in Hell. But God DOES NOT want this for anyone, and that is why this prophecy exists – to warn you now, so that you can make the choice that leads to life. Please do so, and call on the Name of Jesus the Messiah for salvation and wisdom and help – He will never let you down.


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