A short introduction…

Hey friend!

If you’ve got this far, it’s because you received an email or e-card from me, or from a member of my family, with the link to this blog. I have been working on this since August 2021, wanting to put something together that would collect all my thoughts and all the things I’ve always wanted to tell you, but perhaps never had the chance. Now I’m gone, albeit temporarily, but I wanted to leave you something that might give you some answers to the questions you have in your heart and mind; something that will enable you to follow me, and to ensure that we can be reunited someday very soon.

You probably know that I am a Christian. (Notice I used the present tense; I AM a Christian – because although I’m no longer with you, I am more alive than ever before, and I am safe and well, so please don’t worry about me!) My faith is the centre of my life and makes me who I am. That’s not to say I’m some sort of perfect, goody-two-shoes who is somehow better than anyone else – nope! If anything, being a Christian means that I have faced up to being imperfect, selfish, sinful, full of faults, foibles, and a maker of mistakes big and small…just like everyone else. But the difference about being a Christian is that I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour and Lord, and by faith I know I have been forgiven for everything I have ever done wrong, not through my own merit, but through the everlasting LOVE of God, hence the name of this blog.

So why am I writing this?

  • Because I want to share with you how I see the world, through the incredible, 4D+ lens of the Bible
  • Because it will impact directly on what you, the reader, my friend and loved one, will experience in the coming days, weeks, months and years

You have just experienced the most frightening and otherworldly event ever to have taken place since darkness covered the earth and the veil of the temple was torn in two on the day that Jesus died. Millions of people have suddenly gone missing, vanished into thin air, among them me and my immediate family.

Let’s get a few things straight right away:

  • This is NOT aliens (yes, I believe UFOs are a genuine phenomenon, but not alien life; more on that later)
  • The Bible has been prophesying and speaking about this event for literally thousands of years
  • It brings both bad news, and good news (mostly good, if you know and believe what I believe!)
  • It requires you to make a personal decision, calmly and with an open mind

You’re about to read about some pretty amazing stuff and you will need to allow yourself to consider things that you had perhaps never even thought about before. But, as a disclaimer, I have simply put down what was on my heart as it occurred to me, like a diary entry or a personal conversation with someone I love very much. I’m not about to compose vast academic essays, full of references and multiple-point arguments. There are many wonderful resources you can access yourself, so that you can read/watch/listen to the sorts of things I read/watched/listened to when I was here with you, and I have compiled a list of these under the Resources tab in the menu above.

PLEASE BE AWARE: YouTube, Google, Amazon and the like will start pulling things down, hiding websites from search results, shadow-banning websites and posts, censoring information, and engaging in digital book-burning on a scale never seen before in order to keep this information from you. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the secular, politically-correct/’scientific’/liberal woke narrative that has been the centre of everything, from education to politics, for decades now. They have already been doing this for years under the guise of ‘fact-checking’, ‘misinformation prevention’ and the like, and you need to realise that truly free speech and access to the politically-incorrect and inconvenient points of view will soon be intensely curtailed. Get this information whilst you still can, and download it, print it, file it, memorise it. In particular, get your hands on a copy of the Bible and treasure it more highly than anything else, because in it are the very words of Life Himself; the Lord Jesus, the Messiah.

One more thing. I promise I’m not about to preach at you. I simply want to share what’s on my heart. If I never had a chance to share this with you when I was with you, it’s not because I didn’t care; it’s because the right opportunity never presented itself, and I didn’t want to shoehorn a conversation that wasn’t natural or caring for where you were at. I wanted you to know, first and foremost, that I loved you, and that I wanted to get to know you and get alongside you in life as your friend, and that’s still my goal now. If I was with you, I’d be giving you a huge hug and my eyes would be shining with joy at the chance to share with you some of the most exciting and wonderful things that give my life meaning and purpose, and an ultimate, certain everlasting future…all because of LOVE.

Read on (go to the bottom of the blog posts page and click on the first post to read them in the order I wrote them in!). I hope this makes sense, and I hope and pray with all my heart that you, too, will find this everlasting love and life for yourself in the coming days.

Becky xx


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